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Governments around the world are implementing policies that demand greater financial transparency and seek higher tax revenues from corporate taxpayers. Navigating the evolving global tax environment requires experience, bench strength and a deep understanding of the practical impact on multinational companies and investors.

Encore is here to help with your tax compliance. Companies can outsource their Hong Kong tax administration to our professionals.


Tax Compliance Requirements



Profits Tax

If you carry on any trade, profession or business in Hong Kong, you have to pay tax on your profits. For Hong Kong Limited companies, it is a requirement that a tax return together with audited financial statements be filed annually. 

  • Hong Kong taxation has a territorial tax regime.
  • Liability to Hong Kong profits tax does not depend on remittance, only source.
  • The source principle for the basis of taxation of income applies regardless of the jurisdiction of establishment or corporate residence, i.e. whether it is a Hong Kong company or a foreign entity.
  • The corporate tax rate in Hong Kong for profits that arise in or are derived from Hong Kong is set at 8.25% for the first HKD2million profits and 16.5% thereafter. 

Payroll-related Tax


  • As Employers, companies are required to report to the Inland Revenue Department the number of employees and for each employee the remuneration paid on an annual basis, the so called Employer’s Return.
  • Ad-hoc reporting of changes in workforce is required when employees join or leave the company or even depart Hong Kong.


Our payroll service provides an integrated solution for your reporting requirements. If your company does not (yet) have any employees, we are able to assist you with your annual filing compliance.

The depth and breadth of our knowledge ensures that we are able to support our clients' business needs successfully and provide high quality, innovative tax solutions in the increasingly complex area of tax legislation and practice. Our coverage enables us to help clients design, implement and defend tax strategies for their operations and transactions everywhere they operate.

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