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Visa Extension

In general, non-permanent residents may apply for an extension of stay and their visa in Hong Kong within 4 weeks before the limit of stay expires where the immigration status remains unchanged.


General Employment Policy Entrants (GEP)

Foreigners admitted as employees or business investors under the GEP in Hong Kong may apply for an extension of their visa and that of their dependents. Employees are required to provide a confirmation from their employer that they are still employed with them. For business investors, the documentation requirements usually include a review of the circumstances and progress of their business plan initially submitted.


Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP)

ASMTP applications for extension of stay will be considered only if the applicant continues to meet the eligibility criteria under the policy. Extension of stay, if approved, will normally follow a 3 years pattern.


Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG)

Persons admitted under the IANG will normally be granted an initial stay of 12 months on time limitation only without other conditions of stay upon entry. They may apply for extension of stay in Hong Kong within four weeks before their limit of stay expires. In order to apply for extension, non-local graduates are required to have secured an offer of employment which is at a level commonly taken up by degree holders and the remuneration package is at market level.


Change of Sponsor

When a visa holder, whether GEP or ASMTP, changes employment and would like to work for a new employer, the approval of the Director of Immigration must be obtained prior to the commencement of a new employment. The conditions of stay allow only the employment by the sponsoring company approved by the Department. The application is generally similar to a new application.


Encore Tips

When applying for an extension of stay with a change of sponsorship, the sponsorship criteria applied by the Immigration Department is similar to those for new applicants. 

For a change of employment, the employee and new employer can submit the application for a change of sponsorship after notice has been of the termination of the old employment agreement. 

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