MPF contribution exemption/holiday for visa holders

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Does the first year exemption for foreigners apply?

Foreigners working in Hong Kong are exempt from joining, and thus contributing to, an MPF scheme for the first thirteen months, provided that there stay is less than thirteen months. This does not mean the employees actual or intended length of stay in Hong Kong, and refers to the validity of the employment visa. With the revised immigration policies approving entry visa applications for up to two years, this MPF contribution exemption would only apply if the first entry visa is granted for a duration of thirteen months or less. If the visa is granted for a longer period, MPF contributions follow the general requirements.

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What is the MPF registration deadline and first contribution?

An employer must enroll an employee in an MPF scheme within the first the first sixty days of employment. The employer contribution is counted from the first day of employment, while the employee enjoys a contribution holiday for the first 30 days and any days of the first incomplete payroll period. 

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Are overseas pension contributions exempt?

An employer who contributes to the overseas pension of a foreigner employed in Hong Kong qualifies as an exempt person. MPF contributions are not mandatory in addition to overseas pension contributions.